Empowering Your Desire to Live at Home

You desire to live at home on your terms.  And we desire to help make that happen.  At Ecumen, our mission is to create home for older adults wherever they choose to live.  Ecumen at Home provides home care and other at-home services that empower our customers in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area.

So how can we help you live fully in the place you most want to live - your home?  From the foundation of our nearly 150-years of excellence in serving Minnesota seniors, we provide a variety of non-medical and medical services to match your wants and needs.  Perhaps all you want is cleaning services, grocery shopping, and some meal preparation.  Or maybe it's a mix of errand services, cleaning, laundry and a variety of in-home care services, such as assistance with bathing or other home care services.  Or maybe it's something you or we haven't even thought of yet.  Often after meeting and getting to know clients, we mutually discover ways to help that are helpful.

We don't have a one-size-fits-all solution, because each of our customers is a different person with different wants and needs.  Our job is to fulfill them.


Lifestyle Covenant

Each individual we serve is unique, with particular expectations, interests, wants and needs. To make real connections and forge a deeper understanding between our team members and customers, we’ve developed the Ecumen Lifestyle Covenant.  The Covenant allows us to have a very good discussion with our customers, helping us discover what’s important in their lives, what their expectations are, what brings joy, what causes worry or anxiety, how they want to live. It is our way of ensuring that your preferences are our top priority.   

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