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Ecumen at Home provides a variety of services in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area, both non-medical and in-home health care (see below), so you can spend time focusing on the things that matter most to you while living in the place you most want to be.  What's important to us is that we create the right fit for you. 

Getting Started: is as easy as calling us at 651-766-4444 or contacting us online.  We’ll talk with you to learn a little more about you.  Our next step together is a complimentary in-home meeting.  In that meeting with you we’ll learn:

  • Your specific wants and needs
  • Answer any questions you have
  • Provide a service recommendation and pricing information

Services:  Below is a sampling of Ecumen at Home services, which include everything from errands to in-home health care.  Many times in meeting with our clients, and learning more about their wants and needs, we learn they have other service needs that we can help with.  Each individual is different, and so are the services they use:

Home Health Care Services

  • Medication management
  • Assistance with bathing
  • Skin care
  • Emergency Alert System
  • Consultation with physician
  • Grooming and hygiene
  • Eating and Drinking assistance
  • Other services based on person’s wants and needs


Home Services Social Wellness Services
Errands Home visits; Socialization
Meal Preparation Coordinating visits with friends
Cleaning Accompaniment to events, such as church
Laundry Gardening, Exercise, other Hobbies
Grocery Shopping Letter Writing, Reminiscing
Transportation Social media and Computer Assistance


Medication Management

Doctors and pharmacists agree that taking medications at the right time is as important as what medications you are taking.  To make it as easy as possible, Ecumen partners with AMAC (American Medical Alert Corp.) to bring you an easy-to-use medication reminder and dispensing system--MedSmart

MedSmartMedSmart is designed to hold up to six medication doses per day, with audio and visual alarms that alert you to your medication schedule.  It organizes.  It reminds.  It dispenses.  It keeps you healthy! 

Caregivers can feel confident about loved ones' medication compliance, too.  MedSmart's event notification and reporting feature will send timely alerts about missed doses and refill reminders.  Alerts can be sent via text message, email or voice message, and medication dispensing history is available to authorized users on MedSmart's secure website. 

Give us a call to see if MedSmart can help you or someone you love stay on track with medications! 651-766-4444


Brain Fitness Software

Dakim BrainFitness Software — the #1 choice for brain fitness activities in America’s senior living communities.  Created for seniors and baby boomers who know getting the most out of life depends on keeping their minds sharp.

When it comes to maintaining brain health, it’s a matter of Use It or Lose It.™ In fact, medical research has concluded that participating in rigorous cognitive exercise can improve brain function and is associated with a 63% reduced risk of dementia! 

PC Software

Now you can keep your mind sharp with award-winning Dakim BrainFitness software for PC and Mac computers. It’s designed specifically for Boomers and Seniors to cross-train the brain in six cognitive domains and strengthen attention, focus and concentration. Dakim’s challenging brain games are filled with movie clips, music, humor and exciting visuals to make every training session fun. But Dakim BrainFitness is more than fun—it’s been shown in a clinical trial to improve memory!

Ecumen At Home is proud to be a partner with Dakim -- contact us to order your very own brain fitness software at a discounted price.


Presto Printer

Send Email and Photos to People Who Don't Use a Computer!

Presto by Ecumen

It’s a Hassle Having a Family Member Who Doesn’t Use Email...but not anymore!  With Presto, you can send email, photos and documents to a loved one who doesn't have a computer, or who struggles with the PC that he or she has. Now you can include them in the quick hellos, family updates and pictures of the grandkids without them needing a computer or Internet service, using only the Presto Printing Mailbox with Presto Mail service and their regular telephone line. Presto makes your life easier by connecting family members that aren’t online with the rest of the extended family who is.


  • With Presto, they’re connected! — Without any of the hassle and cost of a traditional computer, your “offline” loved ones are now digitally connected to their online family and friends. 
  • Nothing new for your loved one to learn — messages, photos and documents are automatically retrieved and printed on a schedule you choose, up to five times per day.
  • Photos and messages print perfectly — Presto transforms “ugly” email into beautiful, easy-to-read Presto Mail with photos and other attachments automatically formatted and printed.
  • No spam or junk mail! Presto only receives mail from approved senders.
  • Easy to set up: The Mailbox plugs it into an existing analog phone line and power outlet. Put in plain paper and one tricolor ink cartridge (included), and it's ready to go.
  • Personalized Email Address: Choose a customized email address (i.e. that lets approved senders include your loved one in family emails just like everyone else.

Ecumen is offering a discounted price on the printing Mailbox for just $99.99  AND we're also offering 1 month free of the Presto Mail service.   PLUS, for our customers in the Twin Cities area -- we can help with installation services to get it setup for you and your loved ones.  If you need help with installation, call Ecumen at Home at 651-766-4444.  If you prefer to buy it online and install it yourself you can simply click on buy now!   Click here to Learn more. 

Presto by Ecumen





VoiceCare Emergency Response

Personal Emergency Response Ecumen At Home offers peace of mind with the VoiceCare medical alert system.

Ecumen At Home has teamed up with AMAC (American Medical Alert Corp., a national provider and manufacturer of emergency response systems and services) to bring you the latest in home response technology.  VoiceCare is a 24-hour personal home response system that connects to your existing phone line, activated by pushing the button on a lightweight activator you wear around your neck or wrist.  VoiceCare allows you and your loved ones to sleep at night, knowing that someone will always be there to answer the call, whenever it comes and whatever the circumstances. 

  Here's a questionnaire for you to determine if your loved one could use this service.

With the VoiceCare "Always-On" feature, your loved ones can feel connected and protected today. Please call us at 651-766-4444 for more information.  We do the installation for you.

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